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German week

On 19th October the Academic Symposium on Smart, Sustainable and Inclusive Growth will be held in the framework of the 'Germany Week' in Gdansk. It will be organized by the City University of Applied Sciences Bremen.

During the Symposium on behalf of the Institute of Hydro-engineering presentations will be given by prof. Grzegorz Różyński and dr Piotr Szmytkiewicz, deputy director of IBW PAN.

download the Symposium first day program (pdf: 48 KB)

On 20th October the State and City of Bremen organizes the events, which include workshops on the Frigate "Karlsruhe" as well as site visits to undertakings and an evening reception. During a site visit guests from Germany will visit the Institute of Hydro-engineering.

download the Symposium second day program (pdf: 48 KB)

download the IBW PAN site visit program (pdf: 40 KB)


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