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Paving the way towards sustainable river to sea coastal restoration: REST-COAST Annual Meeting

REST-COAST is glad to share that, organised and hosted by Grzegorz Rozynski of Institute of Hydraulic Engineering of the Polish Academy of Sciences (IBW PAN), this year’s project Annual Meeting is taking place between 18 and 21 September, 2023 in Gdansk, Poland.

This time around, along with the mandatory progress updates, we are going to host a dedicated Stakeholder forum. Gathering local, national and international stakeholders and other interested parties, this dedicated session will take place on 19 September.

This meeting holds a significant importance to the future development of REST-COAST as we come to discuss the current hands-on restoration actions within our pilot sites. The opinion, insights and expertise of the external stakeholders will be of a great value for shaping the actions ahead, as the project strives to fulfill its mission.

Amongst project progress discussions, challenges and future plans, the Annual Meeting will give an opportunity to the participants to visit the artificial island of Vistula Lagoon during a day field trip to the Polish pilot site.

While the sessions on 20 and 21 September are dedicated to REST-COAST partners only, the field trip and stakeholder forum on 18 and 19 September are open for participation to anyone with relevant background and interest.

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