Institute of Hydro-Engineering
of Polish Academy of Sciences

Opening address of A New Director of the Institute

October the 3rd, in the conference room of the Institute of Hydro-Engineering (IBW PAN) there was the meeting of the institute staff with prof. Waldemar Świdziński, who took the position of Director of the Institute at the beginning of October.

19th September 2016, the President of the Polish Academy of Sciences, Professor Jerzy Duszyński, based on the recommendation of judging panel, has appointed professor Waldemar Świdziński as the Director of the institute of Hydro-Engineering PAS for the period of 4 years. New Director has invited all staff of the institute to a meeting, where he has presented his vision of the institute during next 4 years, as well as has showed his main objectives and tasks he would like to execute.


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