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Competition for the National Science Centre scholarship


As a result of the competition procedure, the scholarship was awarded to Muzafar Ali Kalwar, MSc

Institute of Hydro-Engineering of the Polish Academy of Sciences announces a competition for the National Science Centre scholarship in the research project Multi-scale study of the contact force network in cohesionless granular materials, no 2020/39/B/ST8/01685.

The main goal of the project is to unravel and classify the characteristic force network structures within 3D and pseudo - 2D granular packings. The integrated photo-elasticity, image processing and tomographic software are planned to be employed. Parallel use of DEM source code will be used to recreate the selected macro characteristics of the real sample, such as the grain distribution curve and the initial porosity, or in some cases, the exact structure of the grains' arrangement. To make the research on force networks complete, the corresponding deformation states need to be studied. DIC and DVC software will be used to calculate displacement and strain fields of experimental and numerical samples.

The specific problems to be addressed in this project are: photo-elastic optical tomography for granular materials, application of 2D Fourier transforms for scale definition, separation of the force network from the grain network, localization phenomenon in contact force networks and its relation to strain localization, characteristics of force chains in two-dimensional (2D), pseudo-2D and three-dimensional (3D) grain assemblies, individual grains behaviour inside shear bands.

The candidate has to meet the following requirements:

  • first-year (2021/22) student at the Doctoral School at Gdansk University of Technology, assigned to the discipline Civil Engineering and Transport,
  • knowledge of the problems of photo-elastic techniques in application to granular materials,
  • strong motivation for scientific work, willingness to acquire new knowledge and skills,
  • ready to conduct labor-intensive experimental research and complex numerical simulations,
  • good command of spoken and written English.

Nature of contribution to the project: scholarship grantee

Specific tasks planned for the candidate in the project (Scope of work):

  • 3D experimental analysis of force network structure in granular materials,
  • participation in creating 3D photo-elastic test equipment and experimental program,
  • 3D numerical simulations by DEM method,
  • analysis of results,
  • attending the doctoral school at Gdańsk Technical University, co-run by IBW PAN.

Type of the NCN call: OPUS – ST

Deadline for submitting offers: 21 February 2022, 21:00

Form of submitting offers: e-mail

Scholarship: 5000 PLN/month, starting 1.03.2022, duration 36 months.

Required documents:

  • Copy of the document confirming admission to the doctoral school in the academic year 2021/22,
  • Scientific curriculum vitae, including a list of scientific achievements,
  • Motivation letter,
  • Declaration of consent to the processing of personal data contained in the motivation letter and other attached documents - if such data include special categories of data referred to in art. 9 sec. 1 of the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), with the following wording: "I consent to the processing of my personal data included in the cover letter and the documents attached to it by the Institute of Hydro-Engineering (IBW PAN)".

Submission of the documents: Candidates are kindly requested to submit their applications by February 21, 2022, at 21.00, to the address:

with a copy to the address:

In the subject of the message, please include: "Competition for NCN project scholarship".

The applicants may be invited for an interview (on-site or online).


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