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titleCoastal processes at selected shore segments of south Baltic Sea and Gulf of Tonkin (South China Sea)
authorsOstrowski R.1, Pruszak Z.1, Różyński G.1, Szmytkiewicz M.1, Ninh Van P.2, Quynh D. N.2, Lien T. N. V.2
pages3 — 28
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keywordsnon-tidal and tidal coast, waves and currents, sediment transport, morphodynamics
abstractsThe paper presents a comparative analysis of physical processes occurring at two differentcoasts, which belong to two different geographic zones, namely a subtropical region exposedto monsoons and typhoons and a region of temperate climate with ice-snowy winter season.The former coast comprises sandy shores nearby Lubiatowo and the Hel Peninsula, locatedat the south Baltic Sea in Poland. The shore at Lubiatowo is relatively stable in the long run,while the shore along Hel Peninsula is mostly vulnerable to erosion and strongly protectedby use of various measures (groins, seawall and artificial beach nourishment). The secondsite is the eroded (and partly protected by dikes) coast at Hai Hau in the Gulf of Tonkin(the South China Sea, Vietnam). This shore segment is built of mixtures of sandy andcohesive material, comprising both marine sands and river-borne sediments which nourishthe coastal zone at the Red River mouth, located northwards of the Hai Hau beach. Thepresent analysis is focused on differences and similarities of hydro- and morphodynamicsbetween the above coastal zones in various time and spatial scales. The analysis shows thatregional climatic and environmental conditions, associated with geographical zones, playa key role in dynamic evolution of the coastal regions and necessitate different engineeringactivities against erosion and flooding.
attributes [reviewed] [scientific]
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seriesArchives of Hydro-Engineering and Environmental Mechanics
issueVol. 56, No. 1-2
publisherWydawnictwo IBW PAN
editorsKazimierz Szmidt


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