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titleThe influence of slope geometry on its stability: spatial and plane analysis
authorsZabuski L.1
pages243 — 254
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keywordsslope stability, landslide, spatial analysis, numerical calculations, deformationprocess
abstractsThe paper presents the results of numerical calculations of the stability and deformation pro-cess of several idealized slopes performed by the elasto-plastic finite difference method, usingthe commercial codes FLAC3D and FLAC2D. The results of 3D analysis of these slopes arecompared with those obtained by the 2D method. The behaviour of slopes of different shapesand inclinations was analyzed. The calculations were carried out for flat, concave and convexslopes inclined at 30◦, 45◦and 60◦, taking into account the influence of the lateral constraintsof the slope. Two variants of the medium were analysed, i.e. the mass with no friction and withno cohesion. A comparison of 3D calculation results with those obtained by the 2D limit equi-librium analysis indicates that the 3D approach produces almost always higher safety factorsthan does the 2D method.
attributes [reviewed] [scientific]
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seriesArchives of Hydro-Engineering and Environmental Mechanics
issueVol. 65, No. 4


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