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titleNonlinear standing water waves generated in a closed numerical flume
authorsPaprota M.1
pages108326-1 — 108326-25
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keywordsWater waves, Vertical breakwaters, Standing waves, Hydrodynamic forces, Wave flume
abstractsA theoretical description of fluid motion under mechanically generated nonlinear standing waves in the vicinityof a rigid vertical wall is presented. A standing wave system is formed through the interaction of mechanicallydriven progressive waves and waves reflected at a vertical wall, which is located at the far end of the numericalflume. An original approach is applied to provide complete information on standing wave field with respectto instantaneous velocities, particle paths and pressure. The numerical kinematics of standing waves arecompared with corresponding linear, weakly-nonlinear and higher-order periodic predictions derived withinthe framework of the perturbation theory. An excellent agreement between the numerical and the fifth-orderanalytical solution results is achieved. The magnitude of dynamic pressure exerted on a vertical rigid wall isalso confronted with the corresponding values acquired from simplified engineering formulas, which are usedas widely accepted standards for the evaluation of hydrodynamic loads on coastal and offshore structures.An engineering diagram based on the fifth-order analytical solution constitutes a practical outcome of thestudy, and it allows hydrodynamic loads exerted on a vertical wall to be more accurately quantified for awide spectrum of non-breaking wave conditions.
attributes [reviewed] [scientific]
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seriesOcean Engineering


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