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titleAnalysis of potential landslide processes in the Passo della Morte (Carnian Alps, Italy)
authorsZabuski1, Marcato G.2
pages681 — 691
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keywordsPasso della Morte landslide, discontinuous rock mass, distinct element method
abstractsNumerical simulations are provided of a potential landslide on a slope in the Passo della Morte (Carnian Alps, northeastern Italy). The slope is situated on the flank of a valley of the Tagliamento River. The danger arising from the potential landslide is associated with sliding rock damming the valley and a sudden discharge of water accumulated at the back of the dam in the case of its uncontrolled outburst. A description of the geology and geomechanical properties of the rock mass provides context for analysis of four models differing in terms of the shapes and dimensions of the solid rock blocks. The Universal Distinct Element Code (UDEC) is used to simulate the landslide of the rock mass modelled as a set of blocks interacting along discontinuities. Deformation scenarios obtained in the simulations vary depending on the model. Different, both continuous and discontinuous, deformation and failure mechanisms such as buckling, rockfall, rotation of the individual blocks and their packets, and folding, take place in each of the models analysed. Nevertheless, slip movement occurs in all four models. In addition, the simulations show that the rock mass in the deformed zones undergoes strong loosening.
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database id9181
seriesGeological Quarterly
issueVol. 66, No. 3


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