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titleFlow-induced Vibrations of a Horizontal Elastic Band Plate Submerged in Fluid of Finite Depth
authorsSzmidt J.1, Hedzielski B.1
pages101 — 130
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keywordselastic plate vibrations, surface waves, initial value problem, coupled problem
abstractsThe paper deals with forced vibrations of a horizontal thin elastic plate submerged ina semi-infinite layer of fluid of constant depth. The pressure load on this plate is induced by wa-ter waves arriving at the plate. This load is accompanied by pressure resulting from the motionof the plate. The plate and fluid motions depend on boundary conditions, and, in particular, thepressure load depends on the width of the gap between the plate and the bottom. In theoreticaldescription of the phenomenon, we deal with a coupled problem of hydrodynamics in whichthe plate and fluid motions are coupled through boundary conditions at the plate surfaces. Themain attention is focused on transient solutions of the problem, which correspond to fluid (andplate) motion starting from rest. In formulation of this problem, a linear theory of small deflec-tions of the plate is employed. In order to calculate the fluid pressure, a solution of Laplace’sequation is constructed in a doubly connected fluid domain. With respect to the initial valueproblem considered, we confine our attention to a finite fluid domain. For a finite elapse oftime, measured from the starting point, the solution in the finite fluid area mimics a solutionwithin an infinite domain, inherent for wave propagation problems. Because of the compli-cated structure of boundary conditions of the coupled problem considered, the fluid domain isdivided into sub-domains of simple geometry, and the solutions of the problem equations areconstructed separately in each of these domains. Numerical experiments have been conductedto illustrate the formulation developed in this paper.
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seriesArchives of Hydro-Engineering and Environmental Mechanics
issueVol. 66, No. 3-4


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