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titleLaboratory study of suspended sediment dynamics over a mildly sloping sandy seabed
authorsStachurska B.1, Staroszczyk R.1
pages350 — 367
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keywordsSediment dynamics, Sloping seabed, Bed ripples, Wave bottom boundary layer, Particle image velocimetry
abstractsThis paper presents the results of laboratory measurements of suspended sediment movement induced by regular non-linear water waves propagating over a mildly sloping sandy seabed covered with ripples. The measurements conducted in a water flume were carried out by applying the technique of particle image velocimetry (PIV). The aim of those experiments was to investigate near-bed velocities of sediment particles under controlled surface wave conditions. In particular, horizontal and vertical profiles of sand grain velocities were measured, and some comparisons between the measured and theoretically-predicted quantities were carried out. A number of selected wave cases were examined, for which the Ursell number ranged from 18 to 39, and the sediment grain mobility numbers varied between 12 and 26. For these flow conditions, the near-bed layer of intense sediment grain movements had a thickness of about 2–3 ripple heights. The maximum horizontal sediment velocities measured over ripple crests were about twice as large as those over ripple troughs. Vertical sediment velocities above ripple crests and troughs were similar, amounting to about 1/4 to 1/3 of horizontal velocities over ripple crests. The detailed quantitative results obtained in the flume can help validate other experimental techniques and can be useful in testing numerical models for simulating surface wave-induced sediment dynamics.
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issueVol. 61, No. 3


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