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titleAdded mass of fluid and fundamental frequencies of a horizontal elastic circular plate vibrating in fluid of constant depth
authorsSzmidt K.1, Hedzielski B.1
pages163 — 186
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keywordscircular elastic plate, free vibrations, co-vibrating mass of fluid, eigenfrequencies
abstractsThe paper deals with free vibrations of a horizontal thin elastic circular plate submerged in an infinite layer of fluid of constant depth. The motion of the plate is accompanied by the fluid motion, and thus, the pressure load on this plate results from displacements of the plate in time. The plate and fluid motions depend on boundary conditions, and, in particular, the pressure load depends on the gap between the plate and the fluid bottom. In theoretical description of this phenomenon, we deal with a coupled problem of hydrodynamics in which the plate and fluid motions are coupled through boundary conditions at the plate surfaces. This coupling leads to the so-called co-vibrating (added) mass of fluid, which significantly changes the fundamental frequencies (eigenfrequencies) of the plate. In formulation of the problem, a linear theory of small deflections of the plate is employed. At the same time, one assumes the potential fluid motion with the potential function satisfying Laplace’s equation within the fluid domain and appropriate boundary conditions at fluid boundaries. In order to solve the problem, the infinite fluid domain is divided into sub-domains of simple geometry, and the solution of problem equations is constructed separately for each of these domains. Numerical experiments have been conducted to illustrate the formulation developed in this paper.
attributes [reviewed] [scientific]
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seriesArchives of Hydro-Engineering and Environmental Mechanics
issueVol. 64, No. 3-4
publisherWydawnictwo IBW PAN


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