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titleA scientifically-driven approach for the sustainable development of Arctic coastal zone
authorsSulisz W.1, Suszka L.1, Paprota M.1, Veić D.1, Majewski D.1, Szmytkiewicz M.1
pages305 — 314
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keywordsclimate changes, permafrost erosion, sediment transport, arctic coasts
abstractsThe Arctic coast has been strongly influenced by the effects of climate changes. Accelerating global warming and impact of storms imply a rapid permafrost degradation and drastic shoreline retreat in an Arctic coastal zone. In many regions shoreline retreat exceeds 30 meters per year. Impact of storms on permafrost coast causes much faster processes than it has been expected. These processes impose large impacts on social and economic conditions in the region including quality of life, housing, infrastructure and developments. The observed processes significantly affect activities in the Arctic area and have also drastic effects on the degradation of glaciers by accelerating brea ing and melting processes and, in consequence, accelerate climate changes. More effort is necessary to reduce negative impacts of climate changes on polar areas. These require a new approach to predict and control changes in the Arctic coastal environment. It is also worthwhile to develop nowledge on increased coastal erosions through better recognition and understanding of physical processes as well as reliable modelling of permafrost thaw and shoreline shift. A novel approach to this problem has been proposed and its programme is currently under implementation. The approach is based on original experimental investigations on waveinduced erosion of permafrost, a series of field measurement campaigns, and numerical modelling of erosion processes in Arctic conditions. Extensive experimental studies have been conducted to identify physical processes responsible for increased sediment transport rates of the frozen sandy bottom. Experimental data and theoretical analysis indicate that the new approach provide novel results of significant importance for understanding of erosion processes in polar areas.
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title23rd International Sustainable Development Research Society Conference : Proceedings
conference23rd International Sustainable Development Research Society Conference, 14-16 June 2017, Bogota/Colombia [id=546]
seriesAdvances in Sustainable Development Research
publisherSchool of Management Universidad de los Andes
editorsWills E.


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