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titleBedload transport due to waves versus laboratory experiments
authorsKaczmarek L. M.1, O`Connor B. A.2, Zeidler R. B.1
pages45 — 76
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abstractsThe transport of sediment as bedload under wave action is studied both theoretically and experimentally. A theoretical approach based on grain-grain interaction ideas is proposed in analogy to the flow of dry, cohesionless materials. Nearbed sediment dynamics is modelled in two regions i.e. a collision-dominated granular-fluid region and a bed-bounded turbulent fluid shear region with continuous profiles of stress and velocity connecting both regions. An iteration procedure is employed to match the velocity and shear stress profiles in both regions using a theoretical bed level for the outer wave-induced flow of δsx, which is taken as an arbitrary fraction of the thickness of the moving, collision-dominated bed layer, δn. Previous comparisons with experimental data had suggested a value of δsx/δn = 0.5. The model has been operated for a range of sediments and for both low and high wave conditions. Comparison of model results with a range of experimental data suggests that the model provides realistic answers for both bed roughness and bedload transport thicknesses and rates for flat bed conditions provided variable values of δsx/δn ≤ 0.50 are used. For sheet-flow conditions rea1istic values for bed roughness, bedload concentration and transport rate are obtained for δsx/δn = 0.50, although further model modifications are required to include the effects of suspended load. Finally, the model was found to produce realistic values of bed roughness and sediment transport rates for rippled bed conditions, provided δsx/δn = 0.50, which provides a measure of compensation for form drag, which is not explicitly included in the model.
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seriesArchives of Hydro-Engineering and Environmental Mechanics
issueVol. 45, No. 1-4
publisherWydawnictwo IBW PAN


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