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titleParticle Image Velocimetry Measurements of Flow Over an Ogee-Type Weir in a Hydraulic Flume
authorsBiegowski J.1, Paprota M.1, Sulisz W.1
pages1451 — 1462
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keywordsWeir flow, Particle image velocimetry (PIV), Wave–current flume, Vortex structure
abstractsLaboratory tests of water flowing over a modified ogee weir are carried out in a wave–current flume for two different scales. A model of a weir representing a part of a spillway section of the existing Włocławek dam (Vistula River, Poland) is mounted in a wave–current flume. The Froude similarity law is used to simulate the flow over a real damming structure at 1:25 and 1:50 scales. Particle image velocimetry methods are employed to measure a flow velocity field over the crest of the weir model. The system is capable of providing high fidelity velocity fields at sampling rates of 10 Hz and 50 Hz. Detailed information on flow characteristics is extracted from the instantaneous velocity field measurements to provide a comprehensive description of the kinematics of a weir flow at discharges corresponding to hydrological events with return periods of 100 and 1000 years, revealing some interesting spatial features. The geometry of the weir results in the development of a characteristic circulation cell, which is relatively wide for the lower discharge. When the flow intensity increases, a triangular circulation develops behind the weir crest instead. Moreover, sudden changes in the flow regime lead to the rapid formation of vortex structures, which propagate downstream at speeds ranging from 0.3 to 1 m s−1. The origin of eddy formation is identified at the upstream and downstream ends of the weir crest for respective average velocities at the crest of approx. 0.6 m s−1 and 1.2 m s−1.
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seriesInternational Journal of Civil Engineering


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