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titleAssessment of the vulnerability to erosion for the Svalbard Coastal Region
authorsSuszka L.1, Veić D.1, Sulisz W.1, Paprota M.1, Majewski D.1
pages264 — 271
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keywordscoastal erosion, Coastal Vulnerability Index, Open Water Season, Svalbard
abstractsIn this study, vulnerability to erosion of a coastline in vicinity of Calypsobyen, Bellsund (Spitsbergen, Svalbard) is assessed using an extended Coastal Vulnerability Index (CVI), further named Polar Coastline Risk Index (PCRI). An additional parameter is introduced to properly describe coastal erosion in polar regions, namely the duration of open from ice-cover water season (OWS). Information from the Dynamic Interactive Vulnerability Assessment (DIVA) database and additional geomorphological data are analysed to derive the extended CVI. Satellite images available from the application of the European Organization for the Exploitation of Meteorological Satellites (EUMETSAT) are to retrieve OWS and information about glaciers in coastline. The proposed extended CVI constitutes a promising approach to the problem of coastal erosion in polar regions
attributes [reviewed] [scientific]
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title7th IMSC 2017. Book of Proceedings.
conference7th International Maritime Science Conference (IMSC), 20-21 April 2017, Solin/Croatia [id=541]
publisherFaculty of Maritime Studies Split
editorsVidan P., Račić N.
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