Institute of Hydro-Engineering
of Polish Academy of Sciences

Department of Wave Mechanics and Structural Dynamics

Department of Wave Mechanics and Structural Dynamics is one of the five major research units within the Institute.

Water wave processes (generation, transformation, diffraction, intrusion in harbour basins, etc.), wave forecasting, wave-structure interaction (including hydroelasticity) and dynamics of hydrotechnical structures are the main subjects of research at the Department. Its Maritime Harbour laboratory in Gdansk North Harbour, wave flume and other measuring equipment create good facilities for studies of hydrodynamic phenomena and verification of theoretical investigations.

National Projects

Several past and on-going projects related with wave forecasting and wave processes, nonlinear wave generation and transformation, freak waves and extreme wave events, wave-structure interactions including slamming and hydroelasticity problems, harbour engineering, hydrodynamic phenomena with laboratory verifications.

EU Projects

Members of the Department