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titleDynamic response of Zelazny Most tailings dam to mining induced extreme seismic event occurred in 2016
authorsKorzec A.1, Świdziński W.1
pages1 — 6
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abstractsThe paper deals with the stability analysis of tailings dam subjected to dynamic loading induced by mining shocks which occurred in neighbouring copper mine. The main goal of the paper was to model the dynamic response of the dam during two extreme paraseismic events which occurred in 2016 based on accelerograms recorded at the dam toe. Dynamic response of the tailings dam was calculated using finite element method and the implicit time-integration method implemented in commercial codes. The boundary condition corresponding to dynamic loading was determined by deconvolution procedure. The error analysis showed that most precise signal reproduction is achieved while using target signal with peak value reduced by 40% as a test signal. Both acceleration and displacement time-series were successfully reproduced. Moreover, the stability analysis was conducted for five independent signals with design peak horizontal acceleration and showed that no permanent displacements should occur. The temporary horizontal displacement of the dam crest should not exceed 13 mm, assuming equivalent linear material model.
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title64th Scientific Conference Krynica-Zdroj, September 16-20, 2018
conference64 Konferencja Naukowa Komitetu Inżynierii Lądowej i Wodnej  PAN oraz  Komitetu Nauki PZITB, 16-20 września 2018, Krynica Zdrój [id=563]
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