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Zakład Mechaniki i Inżynierii Brzegów

Department of Coastal Engineering and Dynamics

  • wave transformation processes
  • wave-driven currents
  • coastal currents and circulation
  • dispersion of substances in marine environment
  • mechanics of bedload and suspended load under waves and currents
  • longshore and cross-shore sediment transport
  • dynamics of coastal zone in various time and spatial scales
  • optimisation of shore protection measures
  • natural and anthropogenic variability of environment in rivers and transitional waters
Zakład Mechaniki Falowania i Dynamiki Budowli

Department of Wave Mechanics and Structural Dynamics

  • generation, propagation and transformation of water waves
  • hydrodynamics of water waves
  • interaction between water waves and engineering structures
  • wave-induced mass transport processes
  • wave-induced mixing processes
  • forecasting of sea waves
  • modelling of waves in harbours
  • modelling of generation and propagation of waves in a wave flume
  • sea ice dynamics and ice-structure interactions
Zakład Geomechaniki

Department of Geomechanics

  • mechanics of reinforced soil 
  • mechanics of soil compaction and liquefaction
  • modelling of soil structures
  • foundation engineering
  • filtration and hydrodynamic dispersion
  • mechanics of rocks
  • salinity of ground water in the coastal zone
  • stability of soil structures


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CRS Lubiatowo


The S. Hueckel Coastal Research Station was established at the end of the 1960s in the vicinity of Lubiatowo village. The Station activity is aimed at investigations of coastal hydrodynamic and lithodynamic processes. Since 2007, a state of the sea can be observed by the camera installed on the beach more…





Wave flume

Project: "Establishment of the knowledge transfer network on directions and possibilities of development of research in wave laboratory and in situ, with application of innovative research equipment" more….

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