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ICZM strategy for Poland; a draft (mainly in Polish)

Valuation of Polish EE zone

ENCORA Consortium agreement 


ENCORA Leaflet

Towards a future Maritime Policy for the Union: A European vision for oceans and seas

CSM1 - contact search mechanism application form

CSM2 - response to CSM1

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CSM4 - evaluation of CSM

Workshop title: ICZM in a climate change perspective

Subtitle: Important issues for the Baltic Sea

To download the presentation, click on it.

ENCORA-International Data Exchange & Cooperation Around the Baltic-clues for discussion

Biology session

Climate and fisheries effects on the pelagic food web of the Baltic Sea

Empirical & dynamic models to predict changes in coastal ecosystems due to global warming

Value of biology - Ecosystem approach to biological and socio- economic valuation of coastal marine areas

The effects of climate on the food web in the Baltic Sea

Physical processes session

Preliminary assessment of climate change related variations in hydrological forcing factors for South-East Baltic (literature overview)

ICZM in a climate change perspective - important issues for the Baltic sea

The potential role of ground based X-band radar in coastal monitoring climate sensitive parameter


Documented Long-Term Trends in MSL and NHW in the South Baltic Sea

Planning & Management session

Adaptation to Climate Change in Spatial Planning along the German Coast

Implications of climate change on Coastal Zone Management


Physical Planning and ICZM

Socio - econom session

Climate Change: Adaptation or Mitigation and Perspectives in relation to Public Awareness

Climate Change and Water Tourism

Social and economic consequences of ICZM implementation in Polish costal zone

Socio-economic valuation of shorelines – experiences from the MESSINA-project


ICZM under global climatic change in Baltic Sea

Władysławo harbour - air photography

sharing knowledge within europe for integrated coastal management

Gateway to the European Union If you have questions on accesibility of ENCORA, contact: Grzegorz Różyński maintained by Piotr Szmytkiewicz