Objectives of the project
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Vistula Lagoon
Results of the study and publications

Vistula Lagoon Workshop - Dec. 15th - 16th , 2003, Gdansk
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Mid-term Review Meeting
Consortium Meeting in Dublin, August 16-17, 2003

Vistula Lagoon Workshop in Gdansk, Dec. 15th - 16th, 2003


Monday, December the 15th (Novotel, Gdansk) - ROOM B

  • P. Stalnacke: 'High-lights' from Lake Peipsi studies and entire Mantra-East project  (1,77 MB)
  • M. Bielecka: Short introduction of the project objectives  (0,49 MB)
  • J. Przedrzymirska: Overview of sources of pollution to the Vistula Lagoon  (1,52 MB)
  • P. Margonski: Trophic and ecological status of the Lagoon  (0,38 MB)

Modelling approach

  • M. Bielecka: Hydrodynamic models - calibration, validation and comparison of results  (2,42 MB)
  • M. Zalewski: Water Quality model - calibration and validation  (0,42 MB)


  • P. Stalnacke: Scenario results for Lake Peipsi  (0,65 MB)
  • G. Gooch: What makes transboundary pollution problems different? How can they be solved?  (0,34 MB)
  • G. Gooch, P. Stalnacke: Integrated scenarios — the key for successful water and basin management  (0,16 MB)
  • A. Lewandowski: Proposed scenarios setup  (0,30 MB)
  • M. Zalewski: Preliminary scenario results by 3D model  (0,61 MB)
  • I. Psuty-Lipska: The results of studies on abundance the fish stocks supporting the fishery in the Vistula Lagoon in 1951-2001  (1,18 MB)
  • M. Bielecka: Recommendations for the Vistula Lagoon water management  (0,14 MB)

Tuesday, December the 16th (Novotel, Gdansk) - ROOM B

Presentation of running or future projects for the Vistula Lagoon basin and possibilities of cooperation

  • M. Moller: Integrated Management of Vistula Lagoon Catchment  (2,87 MB)
  • A. Lewandowski: Restoration of Transboundary Water Management of the Vistula Lagoon  (0,07 MB)
  • C. Gunnarsson: Seagull project  (0,68 MB)
  • B. Chubarenko: CBC Small Tacis Project "Seagull RC" - Russian component of the development strategy for Euroregion Baltic  (0,68 MB)
  • M. Kolosentseva: The Lyna-Lava Basin Project  (0,21 MB)
  • F. Hannerz: Presentation of the BSR INTERREG III B Eastern Baltic International River Basin Districts Partnership project (TRABANT)  (0,24 MB)
  • M. Kolosentseva: GEF Baltic Sea Regional Project (BSRP)   (0,26 MB)