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Key Objectives of Polish Network on Coastal Research INET on ICZM

Major objectives of the establishment of the Polish Network include:

  • integration of research potential and ICZM infrastructure on national level,
  • integration of Polish ICZM institutions with their European counterparts,
  • promotion of excellence and good practices in terms of knowledge, methodologies, technologies and education upon multidisciplinary ICZM Projects,
  • stimulation of complementary ICZM research initiatives,
  • promotion of ICZM knowledge and methodologies together with sustainable exploitation and use of Polish Exclusive Economic Zone,
  • convincing the public and all potentially interested stakeholders to actively participate in programs, initiatives and actions related to implementation of ICZM in Poland as means of improving life quality in coastal zones,
  • facilitating implementation of European ICZM related regulations and recommendations, such as WFD and EU Recommendation on ICZM.

Network activities will concentrate on these objectives by:

  • two way transfer of knowledge and information on ICZM from abroad and to other countries
  • elimination of communication bottle necks between science, management and policy,
  • collaboration on preparation of joint ICZM project proposals on national and European level,
  • informing the public on Networks actions and its objectives by press interviews and media contacts,
  • dissemination of catalogues of good practices incorporating results of the actions of Thematic Networks by their free distribution on our web site,
  • dissemination of case studies as examples of implementation of ICZM methodology in Poland,
  • tight and close collaboration with all national and thematic networks participating In ENCORA Coordination Actionto achieve higher level of cohesion and integration of Polish ICZM institutions with similar European establishments.
Władysławo harbour - air photography

sharing knowledge within europe for integrated coastal management

Gateway to the European Union If you have questions on accesibility of ENCORA, contact: Grzegorz Różyński maintained by Piotr Szmytkiewicz