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Information Exchange Communities

The National and Thematic Networks will create a mechanism to exchange knowledge and information related to specific topics. These topics have not yet been decided, but most of these topics will probably correspond to the network themes. Theme participants sharing the same type of information and knowledge needs are invited to register at a Thematic Email List, through which they can ask questions to the group members and respond to questions. The Thematic Email List may be used for requesting missing documents or other readily available information, or for questions that can be settled by a short answer. The request is submitted to the National Coordination Office, which judges in which Thematic Email List(s) knowledge/experience to answer the question likely can be found. The NCO sends an (English) Email with the question to all the Thematic Email List participants, collects the answers and disseminates the answers to the questioner and to the theme network participants. This knowledge and information exchange mechanism can be particularly helpful to provide access to grey literature and to knowledge that has not yet been published in peer-reviewed journals and proceedings.

The Polish National Network, with the help of information Exchange communities, intends to contribute to dissemination of knowledge and development of local and European initiatives on finding technological, methodological or scientific responses to practical ICZM problems. The acting information exchange communities are expected to identify groups having or seeking similar information. When they reach a critical mass platforms of interactive knowledge exchange can be started with the objective of seeking detailed knowledge related to particular, specific coastal problems or sharing such detailed knowledge.


Three options (not yet operational):

  1. Address request to the National Coordination Office
  2. Address request to the Theme Coordination Office
  3. Address request to the ENCORA Coordination Office
Władysławo harbour - air photography

sharing knowledge within europe for integrated coastal management

Gateway to the European Union If you have questions on accesibility of ENCORA, contact: Grzegorz Różyński maintained by Piotr Szmytkiewicz