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Exchange visits programme

Young Researchers/Practitioners Exchange Visits

Young researchers and practitioners play a central role in strengthening cohesion within the coastal science and practice community. They are encouraged to develop a personal international network including contacts in other disciplines. Opportunities will be created for young researchers and practitioners to visit a foreign coastal research or practitioner institution. All ENCORA member institutions subscribe to this objective and contribute to a programme of exchange visits; they propose hosting opportunities and stimulate young researchers/practitioners to lay contacts abroad. The National Coordination Offices offer help to address proposals to national and European funding facilities for the exchange of young researchers; the National Coordination Offices offer some financial assistance for short visits.


Three options (not yet operational):

  1. Address request to ENCORA Coordination Office
  2. Address request to National Coordination Office
  3. Search for opportunities through the ENCORA Web Portal

Two exchange visits have been effectuated so far

Ms Agnieszka Tatarek, a PhD student from the Insitute of Oceanalogy of the Polish Acad. Sci. visited University of Ghent (Belgium) between 5-15th.Dec.2006. Her trip was related to the MARBEF workshop on Marine and coastal biological valuation. The major benefit for Ms Tatarek was the assimilation of knowledge on the analysis of data for the creation of algorithms for mapping of qualitative assessment of marine habitats.

Ms Aleksandra Kruss, a PhD student from the Insitute of Oceanalogy of the Polish Acad. Sci. visited University of Valencia (Spain) between 27th.Jan. - 9th.Feb.2007 and participated in a course on Side scan sonar data analysis and image recognition algorithms for habitat mapping by hydroacoustic devices. Her major benefit was the assimilation of knowledge on large data sets analysing with neural networks, texture analysis and morphological image processing.

Władysławo harbour - air photography

sharing knowledge within europe for integrated coastal management

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