Air temperature:0.0°C
Relative humidity:0.000%
Wind speed:0.00m/s
Wind direction (from):0.00°
Water level:491m
Nearshore water temp.:4°C
Offshore water temp.:7.2°C
Significant wave height:0.65m
Wave energy peak period:4.76s
Wave energy peak direction:59.4°
Mean wave period:3.76s
Mean superficial flow velocity:0.19m/s
Mean superficial flow direction:76.9°
Position:54.839237 N, 17.839458 E

Wave buoy out of service.

Air temp. - blue, nearshore water temp. - red, offshore water temp. - green [°C]
Air and water temperatrue
Relative humidity [%]
Relative humidity
Wind speed (mean velocity - blue, wind gust - red) [m/s]
Wind speed and gust
Wind direction (from) - blue, wave energy peak direction (to) - red, mean superficial flow direction (to) – green [°]
Wind azimuth and wave energy peak direction and mean superficial flow direction
Water level - blue [m], mean superficial flow velocity – red [m/s]
Water level and superficial flow velocity
Significant wave height - blue, maximum wave height - red [m]
Significant wave height and maximum wave height
Wave energy peak period - blue, period of highest wave - red [s]
Wave energy peak period and period of highest wave