Further possibilities and prospects of research at CRS Lubiatowo

Instrumentation and devices

The following IBW PAN equipment is available to be used at CRS Lubiatowo:

  • wave buoy Directional Waverider (produced by Datawell BV, the Netherlands),
  • string wave gauges (manufactured at IBW PAN, Poland),
  • electromagnetic current meters (produced by Valeport Ltd., UK and other companies),
  • acoustic Doppler current profiler Workhorse Monitor 1200 (RDInstruments, USA),
  • laser Doppler particle size analyser LISST-100 (Sequoia Scientific Inc., USA),
  • salinity, temperature and pressure sensors,
  • soil samplers,
  • wind gauges,
  • GPS devices: two sets comprising base and rover stations,
  • GPS-integrated echo-sounders,
  • geodesic equipment (electronic total station),
  • motor boats,
  • buoys,
  • profilers,
  • off-road cars.


Living and working conditions

The building of CRS Lubiatowo has a few bedrooms with 7 beds in total, living room, kitchen, 2 bathrooms, 2 laboratory rooms, storeroom, garage and electro-mechanic workshop. Besides, there are two bungalows located just at the main building. In each of them 3 people can live when necessary (excluding winter season). Beyond the main building, some tools and materials are stored in the warehouse and behind the shelter.

In summer, the groceries can be purchased nearby the station, off season – at the village of Lubiatowo located 2 km from the station. In high season, there are also a few bars opened in the vicinity of the station. More shops and services are available in Choczewo, about 10 km from the station.

Funding opportunities

National sources

  • statutory research of IBW PAN (sponsored by the governmental funds controlled by the Ministry of Science & Higher Education – MNiSW),
  • MNiSW projects (accepted within competitions of applications),
  • commercial contracts with domestic companies, local authorities and governmental coastal administration (limited funds),
  • joint research projects co-funded by other Polish scientific institutions.

International sources (at present and in prospects)

  • EU programmes,
  • co-sponsoring by foreign institutions,
  • educational-research ventures, aimed at data collection for M.Sc. and Ph.D. theses,
  • bilateral research programmes.