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About ASTIR project

Scientific Consulting

HYDROMOD Scientific Consulting is an independent consultancy and research company mainly active in the areas of applied oceanography and marine geo-disciplines. The company was founded 1987 and is based in the town of Wedel (Schleswig-Holstein, Germany) at the western edge of the City of Hamburg. HYDROMOD's portfolio includes services, provision of expertise and applied RTD in marine monitoring and surveillance, numerical modelling, conduction of marine surveys and measurement campaigns, data evaluation and management and miscellaneous affiliated services and supplies. HYDROMOD was involved in several of European Commission funded projects and contracts in the marine and inland water sectors as project coordinator, partner or service provider.

Cooperative activities and joint projects of HYDROMOD and IBW-PAN have an almost 20 years long track and included for instance joint investigations, measurements and modelling in the Oder Estuary, Szczecin Bay and Pommeranian Bay as well as in the Visla Lagoon. HYDROMOD and IFREMER have also long lasting contacts arising from different activities and networks for marine monitoring and research along with EU and nationally funded programmes.

HYDROMOD coordinates the ASTIR project and is responsible for the investigations and studies in Germany as well as for overall integration and documentation of the contributions from the 3 regions and countries.

Władysławo harbour - air photography
Władysławo harbour - air photography
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