Maritime Hydraulics and Coastal Engineering

  • generation, propagation and forecasting of sea waves
  • hydrodynamics of water waves
  • coastal currents and circulation
  • interaction between waves and structures
  • long-shore and cross-shore sediment transport
  • shore protection
  • dispersion of pollutants

Hydraulics of Rivers, Reservoirs and Estuaries

  • steady and unsteady flow
  • stratified flows in estuaries
  • dispersion of pollutants
  • flow under ice cover
  • thermal regime of inland waters
  • sediment transport and local erosion
  • hydraulic modelling

Geomechanics and Geotechnics

  • mechanics of reinforced soil 
  • mechanics of soil compaction and liquefaction
  • modelling of soil structures
  • foundation engineering
  • filtration and hydrodynamic dispersion
  • mechanics of rocks
  • salinity of ground water in the coastal zone
  • stability of soil structures