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Affiliated networks

Several international networks have expressed the wish to create operational links with ENCORA:




  • Interreg IIB project to establish NW Europe as a region of excellence in Coastal management  (


  • Interreg IIIC project to establish a coastal practitioners network and bridge the gap between planners, managers and the research community throughout Europe (


  • Association of Agencies for the development of Operational Oceanography in the European Sea areas and adjacent oceans (


  • IGBP programme on the area of the earths surface where land, ocean and atmosphere meet and interact (


  • Association on GIS and Geo-Information to promote GIS awareness and create a meeting point between professionals and actual/potential users of GIS (


  • Network on sustainable development of the ocean and coastal areas in conformity with the policy of the United Nations (


  • Scientific observational network on fluxes of nutrients and other contaminants from lagoon catchments to the near coastal environmen (


  • Platform to integrate and disseminate knowledge and expertise on marine biodiversity, with links to researchers, industry, stakeholders and the general public (

The Affiliated networks offer additional entries to the European communities of science, policy and practice. The coordinators of the Affiliated Networks are represented in the ENCORA Advisory Committee.

Władysławo harbour - air photography

sharing knowledge within europe for integrated coastal management

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